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We provide attorney services and consulting assistance for a wide range of legal matters including the following:

Public Procurement Legislation and Regulations
Public Procurement Contracts Regulations

Administrative Law

Zoning, Construction and Real Estate Law

Competition Law

Disputes Related to Laws and Regulations of the Court of Accounts

Tax Law

Banking and Finance Law

Mining Law

Electric Power Law

Natural Gas Law

Oil Law


Project Financing

Litigation, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

Capital Markets Law

International Trade Law

Commercial Law

Contracts Law

Corporate Law

Information Technology Law

Telecommunications Law


Adalet Publishing House, ANKARA, March 2010    

Public procurement complaints and objections Law   

Lawyer Melih AKKURT

Adalet Publishing house, 2010  


* Information on the work is taken from Turkey Construction Industry Employers ‘Association (TCIEA) Journal July-August 2010, Q. 120, p. 105.


The Public Procurement Council and the Council of State 13th Palace’s approach to approval of the Contract after the Close of a notary work for the construction works that are commitment to private sector based on the Work Experience Certificate published at Turkey Construction Industry Employers’ Association (TCIEA) Magazine, July-August 2010, Q. 120, p. 86-89.